Questions, anyone?


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1. How does Mind Blown help in class and to prepare for exams?

Every child is different and therefore learns differently. Mind Blown is designed to be a tool that encourages children to explore their own pathways of understanding. We believe that teaching does not equal learning. Learning equals learning. If a child learns to explore topics and find interesting pieces of information about it, they will start remembering this information much more because they researched it on their own. We believe that this can be applied to their syllabus. When they start to explore beyond what they are taught in the classroom, their retention is better, their understanding of the topic is better and they will be more engaged in class and in preparing for exams.


2. How does Mind Blown prepare my child for industry 4.0?

In order to meet the needs of Industry 4.0. our children will have to start to think and learn differently. And they will have to start now! The kind of learning needed for Industry 4.0, will only happen when we start to harness the innate creativity of a child to the fantastic power of curiosity and the Mind Blown game encourages curiosity.  

3. What will my child do in each session?

Each session is divided into 2 innings viz. “Blue Skies” and “Battle”.

In the “Blue Skies” innings, players split up into teams of four. They will use the internet to explore any topic and go deeper into it. Each player will have a blank “Blue Skies”. They can write down the fact that they found to be the most curious on this card. Teams then battle each other to see which team went the deepest into that topic i.e. which team explored the topic the most.  Each member of the winning team scores a point. This point is added to their points tally.

In the “Battle” innings, players play the actual Mind Blown game with each other (one-on-one). They also use their Blue Sky card from the “Blue Skies” session. This card has a greater value than any of the other cards in their deck. Each game lasts about 20 minutes. They can get through about 2 games per session. The winner’s points earns points for their win and its added to their tally.


4. How long is each session?

90 minutes


5. What if they miss a session?

They attend the following session. The coach will keep the pods for them. 

6. How do we pay?

The coach will provide you with banking details or you can pay the coach in cash. Payments are accepted upfront or monthly. Please contact the coach directly to make alternate arrangements.


7. What does the cost include?

The sign-up fee of R20 includes membership for the season, participation in the club tournament and a certificate of completion.

Each session costs R40 and includes 3 Mind Blown pods (each pod has 4 cards each), internet access, game play time and exploration of the topic in the “Blue Skies” session. Each season is 8 weeks and will therefore cost R320 per season.

The Base set costs R80. This is a once-off cost and can be used for more than one season. However, new base sets with new themes will be introduced each season. Each base set consists of a Game Box, Mind Board, Gem Deck and rules.


8. Can I change venues?

You cannot change venues once a season has started. You can register at a new club for the following season.


9. Will there be homework?

No. However, we do encourage players to explore the cards they receive in each week’s pods.


10. Does my child have to carry their own tablet or smart phone?

Not necessarily. Please speak to the coach directly see if there is a need for extra tablets or smartphones. Please note that it is the responsibility of your child to take care of their device.


11. Does everyone compete in the tournament?



12. Is there a prize?

Each club winner receives a trophy. The winner of the inter-club tournament will receive a trophy and a prize.


13. What happens at the end of the season?

Players can continue playing the game with each other in school or over weekends. Players can speak to the coach with regards to registering for the new season.