If you were wondering…


1. How do I become a coach?

Click on the “Workshops” page under “For Coaches” to sign up, attend a training, get your license and start your club.

2. Is there a demand for coaches?

Yes. We have carried out a survey with parents and educators in Umlazi Education district and found that parents are keen to invest in their children’s education and are looking for innovative after-school activities that boosts their mind power. They also prefer going to an activity in their community instead of travelling out of the community.

3. Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. You need to tap into your own innate sense of curiosity and wonder of the world. You must be able to work with Grades 6-9 learners in a nurturing style; commit to a minimum of 8 sessions per season and attend an inter-club tournament. 

4. What’s included in the training?

Marketing tips and strategies, practice session of how a typical club session will run, learning how to play the game and e-manual of how to start a club.

5. How much do I need to spend to start a club?

The minimum amount is approx R1250 and includes Early Adopter License Fee and stock. Marketing material such as business cards, flyers, posters, tee-shirts, trophies, certificates, etc. are available at a discounted price. You are welcome to print your own marketing material. However, you will have to use the template we provide. 

6. What’s next after the training?

You start setting up your club. Find a venue and start advertising to parents, schools and children. Clubs must be up and running by the first week of April. 

7. What does the license cover?

The license gives you access to the Mind Blown Coaches Network for 2018. You will have access to a support network of like-minded individuals who will guide and motivate you.
The License allows allows you to start and run a Mind Blown Club in 2018. You will be able to purchase stock at a discounted rate. Players can only purchase their games and accessories through a Licensed Mind Blown coach.
Your club sessions will be advertised on our website and on our social media platforms.
Your club also has automatic entry into the Mind Blown Tournaments for 2018.

 8. Why do I have to pay for the license?

The License fee covers admin for 2018 and ensures you have access to the benefits of the Mind Blown Coaches Network. 

 9. For how long is the license valid?

The whole of 2018.

10. Are the games and accessories available in a retail store?

No. All games, accessories and merchandise are only available through the Licensed Mind Blown coaches and their clubs. 

11. My school wants to start a club. How do we do this?

School do not pay a license fee. However, all sessions must be run by a licensed Mind Blown coach. All games must be purchased through a licensed Mind Blown coach. 

 12. Tell me more about the tournament.

Each week players in your club will play 1-2 games and earn points from these games. They will also earn points during the Blue Sky session. Each week, the points are added to the leaderboard. At the end of 8 weeks, the player with the most points is the Club Winner. All club winners are eligible to enter the inter-club tournament where they can win prizes and the title of being that season’s Winner.  The winning club also receives a prize.