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Klash (of the Curious) is a fun, quick game that can be played using only the Mind Blown Klash cards. Based on a unique algorithm – the Klash Code & Topic Web – no two cards have the same power.



Can you win cards missing from your collection? Can you out-think, out-guess and outrage your opponent? If so, what are you waiting for – ‘Let’s Klash!’


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Gem Jam has the perfect blend of strategy, luck and good old fashioned ‘bombing’ of your opponent’s sets.


It is a game for all ages and takes between 10 – 20 minutes to play. Players would need their own deck of Mind Blown Gem cards to play this game.


It can be played ‘freestyle’ (using your own mind-blowing facts) or play the ‘loaded’ version by supplementing the game with Mind Blown Klash cards. We have to warn you – it is addictive.


six trix image


Six-Trix is a game of team-work, based on classic trick-taking games such as Thunee and Rummy. However, it has a massive twist! Using a mind blowing fact in strategic play, teams can capture their opponent’s last trick.


Two teams of two players each can play with one deck of Mind Blown Gem cards. It is a strategic game in that players have to know when to hold their gem cards and when to throw. It takes between 20-30 minutes.


Like, Gem Jam, it can be played ‘freestyle’ (using your own mind-blowing facts) or played in the ‘loaded’ version by supplementing the game with Mind Blown Klash cards. This game will keep you engaged and enriched.