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From ‘Wow!’ to ‘Why?’ to ‘Why not!?’

 Curiosity is the engine of innovation.

It sparks enquiry – a desire to understand – which in turn drives one’s independent quest for knowledge.

And this is exactly what is needed for the innovation-based economy of the future. 

Unique Pathways of Learning

We believe that each child develops and learns according to their own pace, interest and learning style. The game encourages exploration of topics that players find interesting.

Curiosity as a Catalyst for Innovation

Einstein said it best, “I have no special talent. I am just passionately curious”. Imagine the innovations possible if more children rediscovered their curiosity.

Learning Through Play

Introducing Augmented Reality (AR) for added layers of curiosity. The AR element includes video, web links, and animation and enables the collector to dive deeper into the facts on the card.

 Introducing Season One of Mind Blown Zap Cards

Level 1 contains 101 mind blowing facts across 7 exciting topics that support the South African CAPS syllabus.  

Throughout the next 3 years we will roll out 16 levels – 1001 mind blown facts in all.

7 Exciting Topics

These topics are: Universe, Oceans, Mammals, Insects, Strange, Technology and Adaptation. Each topic features 7 individual cards, with 1 Mind Blown fact and picture per card. The facts are design to stimulate curiosity and engender discussion among players.

Unique Battle Code for Every Card

All cards contain a unique Zap Code which describes the way the cards interact with each other. The are 7 Topics in each Level. Each Topic card has the potential to beat at least 3 topics but it can be beaten by 3 other topics. Additional to the unique Mind Blown cards per level are Wild Cards which have wider ranging powers. Player also create their own Zap cards.

Mind Blown Pods

There are 28 unique Pods in Season 1. Pods contain Mind Blown Zapper Cards; Wild Cards; Blue Sky Card and is designed in an affordable and environmentally-friendly way. Players collect the pods over an 8-week season.

Mind Blown is underpinned by principles propounded by the world’s leading education reformists…



Abraham Flexner, Institute of Advanced Study

Curiosity-driven research and exploration of ideas that are not focussed on a specific outcome.


Rudolph Steiner, founder Waldorf Schools 

Learners create their own ‘textbooks’ through notes they make, designed according to their own unique imagination.


Sir Ken Robinson, Education Specialist 

The role of diversity, curiosity and creativity in the all-round education of the child.


Dr Sugata Mitra, School in the Cloud

Self organised learning teams with minimal teaching, positive encouragement and access to the internet.


Astrid Lindgren, Author and Educational Reformist

Children learn more from each other.