Get the tools you need to start your club:

Full Training

One day training at a central venue where you learn how to set up, market and run your club. Learn how to play the game and how to run a deep-dive session. Certificate of completion presented to all participants.

Mind Blown License

Receive your license to begin setting up your club. The license is exclusive to instructors and allows instructors to sell Mind Blown games and accessories. Your club and your profile will appear on our website.

Support Network

Get access to a coaches support network where members ask questions, share tips and get insight into running their club.


Mind Blown provides opportunities for Coaches to run their own Mind Blown clubs in their community. Our growth strategy is to expand the end user base in order to make our Coaches successful and increase the demand for Coaches worldwide. The cards, game components and other accessories are available from licensed Coaches only.

Club Member Subscription

To get started players need to purchase a Base Set consisting of a deck of 36 gem cards; a mind-board for scoring and a game box. This Base Set can be used for multiple seasons. Each week players will receive a new set of Mind Blown fact cards to collect as part of their gameplay. At the end of the season they would have collected 101 mind blown cards; 10 wild cards and a reference card.


The game is best experienced with about 16-24 individual children playing within a club in 90 minutes sessions weekly, over a ‘season’ of an 8-week period. The season culminates in a Club Trophy awarded to the player with the most points on the leaderboard. Club winners verse each other in an inter-club tournament held once every season.

What People Say

We have presented Mind Blown to innovation and education leaders, parents, learners, media personalities and potential partners.

 Adeela Haffejee, PRO – Broll Properties

We were very happy to host Mind Blown Easter Tournaments at two of our malls. It was an exciting addition to our 2017 Easter programme and we will happily engage with the team going forward.


Henre Benson, Director – Centre for the Advancement of Science and Maths Education (CASME) 

I can see how the strategies of the Mind Blown games can be used to create an excitement to learn. We are very excited about its potential.


Dr T Isaac, Education Specialist and Director Pulse Education

Radical intervention is need in Maths and Science and we cannot start in Grade 12. We can only have more scientists, engineers and innovators if we encourage learners when they are still in primary school. Using Mind Blown to encourage learning through play is an excellent start to this engagement.


Sue Mazzoni, Educator – Eden College

I love it because of the learning and the social interaction. My learners who play Mind Blown are starting to interact with learners who are not in their circle of friends and they are much more alert in class.



Mind Blown 2016 1

Whether you’re looking for a career change or to make some extra cash, setting up your own Mind Blown Club is the way to go.


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